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Spread your Magic is an online Branding Academy that teaches heart-centered entrepreneurs how to craft a brand that is true to their Purpose.

Just imagine… in short 8 weeks you are going to master Strategy, Branding, Logo Design, Typography, Graphic Design, Personal Branding, Web Design, PR and Online Marketing – all delivered in small bites, straight to the point, no previous experience needed!

Each module includes video, audio, transcripts and homework. You also get exclusive bonuses such as productivity tips, project management as well as guided visualizations. The purpose of the course is that you will spread your Magic by building a brand and an online platform around it.

Is this course for me?

How do you know if this course is for you? Very simple! Just answer the questions below, with the understanding that previous design experience is NOT required. The only pre-requisite is a computer, internet, commitment and eagerness to learn all about the tips and tricks of Branding, Graphic Design and Online Marketing.

• Are you a creative soul full of ideas but not sure how to implement them?
• Have you discovered your Purpose?
• Are you a heart-centered, mission-driven entrepreneur?
• Ever wonder how to build your own logo, website and strategy DIY-style?
• Are you ready to spread your gifts to the world?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this course is for you!

You found your Truth. You heard the Calling.

Now... how do you spread it?

The biggest impact in the world has been made by the companies with tools and resources not yet available for the mass market. The ‘big dogs’ have been louder simply because they have entire armies of design, PR and marketing.

Meanwhile mission-driven entrepreneurs have been making their mark at a slower pace. It is about time you take your Purpose to the next level and create a Presence that lives up to what you stand for. You will learn how to spread your Magic and your Message with the same tools and proven-systems that the big dogs have been using all along.

This is your time.


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So much more!

What's included in the program?

The Spread your Magic course includes 8 video sessions, workbook, transcripts, magic cards, guided visualizations, artwork, interviews and many exclusive bonuses that you get lifetime access to - from the comfort of your home.







Tune in to your Purpose. Spread your Magic. Uplift the World.

I will show you how!

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Why I created this course?

During my entire career I have crafted brands and helped countless products to stand out in the market. Those are big brands. The ‘big dogs’. Money-centered businesses with the big bucks. Some are amazing brands that stand for quality, work equality and giving back to the community. And some… not so much.

Meanwhile I watched all of my soulful, talented, gifted, heart-centered, mission-driven friends struggling because they lack the big bucks to invest on custom branding and website development. So I thought to myself ‘what if I could pack all of my experience into an easy to implement and affordable system?’ And that is how this course was born. It is 12 years of experience jam-packed into 8 lessons!


An Authentic Brand is the highest actualization of your creative self through your business. A visual identity and a presence that is a representation of your soul’s Purpose and a true expression of who you are. I will teach you the process of transmuting intangible concepts into a tangible design. The ethereal to the physical. Your invisible magic into a visible product, identity or experience.

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